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How vasiyam kerala mantrigam voodoo and tantrikam affects the physical body

In this beautifull world,
The ill effects caused by mantrikam vasiyam , tantrikam ,mohanam , pethanam ,stambanam voodoo all affects the brain and the physical body
First it attaks the nervous system of the Body ,

The mantra sastra is unique , It doesnot matter whether you trust or donot trust ,
Poisoning your body (blood or nerval )system will absolutely affect you.
It is done through various types.
If the mantrik proyaogams are done externally using toxic herbs then it will removed easily
If the mantrikam is given internally then it becomes complicated ,Mantrika Ratan Sastram recommends intake of certain herbs and rituals for  moving out of this kind of effects
If upayokittalo, carayam kutittalo,oleander are given to the targeted person through food his nervous system and blood system will get effected so to treat this kind of disorder  some

The persons affected through kerala mantrikam or vasiyam or agohri tantric cannot be identified with the help of  English medical laboratory tests of the ordinary. Only toxic test. Hperencik test, norcotic test can reveal the fact that his body is affected by some kind of poisons and this poisons gets high and low with the moon .
And that is the reason the people affected by witchcraft become more abusive on full moon day and dark moon day

It also gives raise to tremendous disorders likes page palsy, epilepsy, blood stroke, kidney damage, nerve weakness, limb tremors, digestive disorders, such as illness, incomniya called insomnia, narkolsi called sleeping sickness, yunihpolar meniya called autism disease, paihpolar meniya called arrogance, sitsopriniya the internal voices asks,hallosination, knowing supernatural figures, apsaciv kampalsiv disc repeatedly called to order by the same thought complesive repressive disorder, temporal lobe Epilepsy is the most important medicinal remember picaku nature, such as the poison can cause mental versions,depression ,

Poisonal Herbs used for Mantrikam
ஆடை ஒட்டி,
பின் துடரி,
நீர்மேல் நெருப்பு,
மதன காமப்பூ,
செங்கழு நீர்,
வெண் குன்றிமணி,
நீர் சிலும்பை
അടി ഒട്ടി
പിന്‍ തുടരി
ഇന്സിര കോപ പുഴു
വെള്ള കുന്നു മണി
കുഴി തവള
മയുരി സീക്ക
അട്ടി ,
സ്വര്‍ണ അരളി
വിഷ ബോജന
പുള്ളി പുണ്ട്

AND LOT MORE PLANTS AND NIMA L WASTE ARE USED IN KERALA MANTRIKAMA ND AGHORI TANTRIKA SASTRAM ,these plants are made into a concentrate form called as mai ,( black concentrated stuff)consider some 5000 grams of poisonal plants are concentrated to about some 500 grams of mai..and then they are being used on the targeted person .through internally or externally .
But if the time and planetary positions of the targeted person is good ,Doing exteranally requires an expert mantrikan to do it and today only 1 out of 100 is able to do it
It that posional mai is given internally through food , then it may be very dangerous
To get out of this it recommends use of certain drugs and herbs for the complete removal and also prevention of black magik
Having neem leaves for 48 days by one time plain rice with  no salt , and sour and other tastes helps to fight black magik
But the following herbs are remedial herbs that can cure the internal system ,One such
Both are vasiyam seivinai ,aghori tantrika black magik can be removed and treated and cured by.There poisons are three stages the treatment,
the toxins Removel, Purifing the blood and immune system energetic.
required amount the herbs elimination the toxins and 200 ml the blood purifing herbs should be taken in 5 days. Kollukkaivelai, pungai, Ilai puliyari, thumbai, milagu, lavangam, avuri (Neeli) Vithu magilam, pullamanakku, AGASA Garudan, herbal drugs are effective to remove deposits poisonal.
Arugampul, vilvam, kadukkai, siriyanangai, kuppaimeni, vellarukku, nelli are effective medicinal plants purify the blood and decrese ciculation leaval.Sukku toxin, Lavanga pattai, jeeragam Karum, Palai adutheenda, Vembu and Kodi seenthil, effective anti Antibiotics are one Energis immune system.

If the effects are continueing over the two years the Toxical kidney Deposits must be removed.Normally all deposits of poisons, toxins, chemicals and release Depositors kidneys and react. Thus, by using the re arias harmless medicines kidneys must be purified. Perunerinjil, venpoosani, Kasini, neermulli valaithandu and are the best herbs for poisonal Precipitates clean.
This combination medication is to be taken the appropriate mix and mesurement accourding and age, Physical strenth and effects.
required amount the herbs elimination the toxins and 200 ml the blood purifing herbs should be taken in 5 days. Kollukkaivelai, pungai, Ilai puliyari, thumbai, milagu, lavangam, avuri (Neeli) Vithu magilam, pullamanakku, AGASA Garudan, herbal drugs are effective to remove deposits poisonal.
Arugampul, vilvam, kadukkai, siriyanangai, kuppaimeni, vellarukku, nelli are effective medicinal plants purify the blood and decrese ciculation leaval.Sukku toxin, Lavanga pattai, jeeragam Karum, Palai adutheenda, Vembu and Kodi seenthil, effective anti Antibiotics are one Energis immune system.

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Prayers to Mantrikam

In mantrika sastram

Kali amma- shakthi
Bairava Theivam-shiva
Uchista Ganapathy-Lord of shiva ganams -shiav puthas..

are primary .
Praying to them will help in all instances

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Mushrooms Used in Kerala Mandrigam /Voodoo Aghori Mantrigam and Vasiya and Tantra Proyogam

Poisonous mushrooms contain a variety of different toxins, which may vary in toxicity. Symptoms of mushroom poisoning can vary from stomach problems to life-threatening organ failure or death. Severe symptoms are not always immediately after eating, often only the toxin attacks the kidneys or liver, sometimes days or weeks later.The most common consequence of mushroom poisoning is common gastrointestinal complaints. Most of the "poisonous" mushrooms contain gastrointestinal irritation to vomiting and diarrhea (sometimes hospitalization) cause, but usually no long-term damage. However, there are a number of recognized mushroom toxins with specific and sometimes fatal, effects:Alpha-amanitin (deadly: causes liver damage 1-3 days after ingestion) - The main toxin in the genus Amanita.Phallotoxin (causes gastrointestinal symptoms) - also poisonous AmanitaOrellanine (deadly: causes kidney failure within 3 weeks after ingestion) - The main toxin genus Cortinarius.Muscarinic (sometimes deadly: can cause respiratory arrest) - found in the genus Omphalotus.Gyromitrin (deadly: causes neurotoxicity, gastrointestinal symptoms, and the destruction of blood cells) - The main toxin type Gyromitra.Coprine (causes disease when used with alcohol) -. The main toxin in the genus CoprinusIbotenic acid (causes neurotoxicity) and muscimol (hallucinogenic) - The main toxin A. muscaria, A. and A. pantherina gemmata.Psilocybin and psilocin (hallucinogenic 'magic', 'psychoactive') - Client "toxin" in the genus Psilocybe.Arabitol (causes irritation of the gastrointestinal tract in some people).Bolesatine a toxin found in Boletus satanasErgotamine (deadly: affects the vascular system and may lead to loss of limbs and death): an alkaloid found in the genus Claviceps.Symptoms of mushroom poisoning vary, depending on the respective toxins.Alpha-amanitin: 6-12 hours, there are no symptoms. This is followed by a period of gastrointestinal symptoms (vomiting and profuse watery diarrhea). This phase is mainly caused by the phallotoxins [6] and usually takes 24 hours. At the end of this second stage is when severe liver damage begins. The damage can even 2-3 days. Kidney damage can occur. Some patients require a liver transplant. Found [22] Amatoxins in some fungi of the genus Amanita, but also found in some species of Galerina and Lepiota. [10] The mortality rate ranges between 10 and 15 percent. [23] More recently, appears milk thistle or milk thistle the liver from amanita toxins and regrowth of damaged cells protect by [24] [25] suspended in a study of 60 patients death cap poison were 20 mg / milk thistle seeds kg per day given within 48 hours after consuming the deadly mushrooms. None of the patients died. [26]Orellanine: This toxin causes no symptoms for 3-20 days after ingestion. Typically, by day 11, the method renal failure [6] and usually begins symptomatic of Day 20 These symptoms may include pain in the kidney area, thirst, vomiting, headache and fatigue. A few species in the very large genus Cortinarius contain this toxin. People may have eaten the mushrooms Orellanine early symptoms and experience, because the mushrooms often contain other toxic substances besides Orellanine. [27] isolated a related toxin, which causes similar symptoms, but within 3-6 days from Amanita smithiana and some other toxic Amanita. [28]Muscarinic: muscarine muscarinic receptors stimulates the nerves and muscles. Symptoms include sweating, salivation, tearing, blurred vision, palpitations, and in high doses, respiratory failure. [29] muscarinic is found in fungi of the genus Omphalotus, especially the Jack o 'Lantern mushrooms. It is also found in A. muscaria, although it is known that the main effect of this fungus is caused by ibotenic acid. In some species Inocybe and Clitocybe can muscarinic species, particularly Clitocybe dealbata, and some red tube pore fungi are found. [10]Gyromitrin: stomach acids to convert gyromitrin monomethylhydrazine (MMH), a compound used in rocket fuel. It affects multiple body systems. It blocks the important neurotransmitter GABA, drowsiness, delirium, muscle spasms, loss of coordination, [6] tremors and / or convulsions what. It causes severe gastrointestinal irritation. Vomiting and diarrhea In some cases, liver failure have been reported. [6] Also, break red blood cells, jaundice, renal failure and signs of anemia. It is found in fungi of the genus Gyromitra. [16] A gyromitrin-like compound is identified in fungi of the genus packaging. [15]Coprine: Coprine metabolized similar to a chemical that disulfiram. Inhibits aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH), which is usually not harmful, unless the person alcohol in the blood while ALDH locked. This may occur when alcohol is just before or up to several days after ingestion taken the fungi. In this case, the alcohol can not be completely metabolized, and the person will experience flushed skin, vomiting, headache, dizziness, weakness, anxiety, confusion, palpitations, and sometimes difficulty breathing. Coprine is mainly found in fungi of the genus Coprinus, although similar effects after taking Clitocybe clavipes were observed.Ibotenic acid: This organic acid is converted to muscimol. The effects of muscimol vary, but nausea and vomiting are common. Confusion, euphoria, or sleepiness are possible. Loss of muscle coordination, sweating and chills are likely. Some people experience blurred vision, a sense of strength, or delusions. Usually have the symptoms after 30 minutes to 2 hours, and last for several hours. A. muscaria, the "Alice in Wonderland" mushroom is known for causing the toxic / hallucinogenic properties of muscimol, but A. and A. pantherina gemmata also contain the same compound. [10] While normally self-associated deaths associated with A. pantherina, [14] and the use of a large number of these fungi is likely to be dangerous.Psilocybin: This compound is converted into psilocin when ingested. Symptoms begin shortly after ingestion. The effects include euphoria, visual and religious hallucinations and increased perception. However, some people, symptoms anxiety, agitation, confusion, and schizophrenia-like. All symptoms usually pass after a few hours. Some (but not all) members of the genus Psilocybe contain psilocybin, like a Panaeolus, Copelandia, Conocybe, Gymnopilus and others. Some of these fungi also contain baeocystin that have effects similar to psilocin.Arabitol: A sugar alcohol, mannitol similarly that no damage caused in most people it is caused in some digestive tract. It is found in small amounts in oyster mushrooms and considerable amounts in Suillus species and Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca (the "false chanterelle"). [30]Some mushrooms contain less toxic compounds and therefore not seriously toxic. Poisoning by these mushrooms may respond to treatment. However, presence of certain types of mushrooms, such as Amanita, very potent toxins and are very toxic, so even if the symptoms are treated promptly mortality is high. With some toxins, death within a week or a few days occur. Although a liver or kidney transplant to save some patients a complete organ failure, in many cases there are no organs available. Patients who have been hospitalized and receive aggressive supportive therapy almost immediately after ingestion of amanitin-containing mushrooms, a mortality rate of just 10%, while the 60 or more hours of ingestion admitted 50-90% mortality

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Il Effects Of Mantrigam and Types

vasiyam seivinai effects and actsVasiyam Seivinai and indirect attack are performed by mandrigam. The word means performence mandrigam techniques supernatural. These techniques are performed by creating negative physical and mental effects disorders.The base created by mandrigam is classified into 6 main elements called Mohanam, thambanam, vithvesanam, pethanam, vasiyam maranam, each element must be done induvtually and has its own characterstics.
Seivinai effects and apply vasiyam two ways, as physical and mental disorders. Physical problems created by giving plants and Toxical poisonal disorders and mental poisonal created by food, drugs and negative files created in the subconscious mind.HOW CAN BE IDENTIFIED ... .... ...As mentioned in the previous post, the effects of the drug poisonal can be identified by physical examination and symptoms.But the effects created by negative mental and viberations files can be identified by reading pro mental concentration called hypno therapy.

Performences ... ... ...Normally mandrigam interpreters in southern India using techniques similer to attack a target person.There are seven main aspects are very papulor Mohanam, Thambanam, Vithvesanam, Vasiyam, Maranam.To Yeval similer and performs the following techniques and practices are followed.Most artists and herbs used similer ingrediant

Mohanam is the attitude of being attracted to someone.Performers often say to increse public relations to create affection, love or sexual atraction to create using these atract tequenic enimies. Drugs that usually demorolising Kanja, indupp, Kathiri neela supstances having to create thoughts in response to repeated demorolise actual capacity of the brain. Thought necessary Simenteniously artificially created and stored in the subconscious mind of the target person.This attachment increse forced by the person focus or something, and continues creats repeated thoughts.To increse the husbond union and women to influence a person for dating, control and dominate people, create love and affection, people belive tis tequnic.Effects ... ...If a person taking these drugs and folders are mentally accept and obey the orders given by the can'not declain performer.He say or agree openiens, fear and obedience are unusual.
Proceedings ... ...It is a mental disorder related to obsessive compelsive which creats continuous repeated thoughts.The medications affect brain serotonin nerotransmitters creats obnormal and attitude.Sthambanam technique is to stop the movement of a person or an activity.
People believe that the actions of enimies forcefull, senior, social authorities can stop it. The word means thambanam movement.In stop or not to give artists the drug combination to create tequenic memory loss temperory.Normally, after a few records quralle serious emotional incidents or incident remained in the brain and mind prics time. this is called binop folder.Effects ... ...In general, drugs used to thambanam are able to create a memory leak temprery, cann'ot much needed action or activity will continue. Recalling debt exicuting commands in response to qurells, activities forcefull, marriage proposuls can be stopped.Proceedings ... ...This problem is purely related to the brain and its memory capacity, which focused on the incomplete amnesia usually called selective amnesia due to the state of damage.This hippocampus can occur because of drugs, a sudden shock or blunt fearness poisonal .Vithvesanam performance is to change the mindset of people. To redirect concentrations change attachments, modify the reports of this technique is often used to remove these used.performers techniqus a person in a relationship or a place of work and relationships amoung enimity creats .. A person affected by vithvesanam can not concentrate on their work.Effects ... ...Lake of the potential physical and mental laziness and found.Most victims is not interested in good food, clean clothes, and family resposibilities relationships.Unusual sexual silence, depression constant desire most.Proceedings ... ...It is a call bifoler unifoler complient and mania. Due to abnormal secretion in the brain topomin attitude irregular stress or depression accures.Normally constant or substance-related drugs can create this diorders norcotic.
Commoun tequnic Vasiyam is used to create dependence and severe dependence.To marry someone or have sex with someone technique.Any believe that this type of amusement, entertainment or reject the thoughts of a particular person will create a strong record in the subconscious mind . If a person is disterbed by another person or even an incident in a strong movement, obsessive thoughts about the incident or the person who will create a memory in the brain StatC. Drugs are administered increse the static memory and judgment colleps (ego) the ability of the brain to the person concerned will become an adict.Effects ...Serious intention of love, marriage abnormal dependence unusual fear, obedience and slavery are commoun complients seen in many affected causes.Person vasiyam can not retaliate or reject the words of the person affected.
Proceedings ... ...It is the combination of mental disorders such as obsessive thoughts that creats compelsive continues repited, kiloremplet sidrom which creats Erotomania serioius and love and affection furious and emotional motivation. Thoughts hypnitism created and recorded by increasing the volume using toxic drugs affect the functions of the brain cortex and limbic syestem seribrell are the main reasons vasiyam effects.Without giving effect vasiyam medicine can not be executed.
Tequnic Pethanam is to create mental and disordes psycic.Pethanam called commoun yeval yeval language.The word means in this motivating.In said method interpreters apply force to create mysteries mental disorder the person. People believe that to create disterbunces mental and control of routine activities, such as evil spirits invisible forces are engaged.
Effects ... ...
In general, these structures figers smoked black, and abnormal structures may be afraid seen.Orders and voice commands without anotamical structure, the secret voice on the side of the head or ears experienced.Figers also desesed people, evil spirits as figers gods can be seen.In many cases, to confirm the suicide by accepting these mysteries voice.Proceedings ... ...It is a call he heard complient halusination Shitsipriniya fucntions due to ventricular hippocompus GIS brain.Figers seen and heard in the voice depends on the halusination Belifa and mentalities.
Maranam is the technique used to kill a person. To attack his opponents and enimies people use this unexpected death technics.Sudden intakes.In accured due to the motivation poisonal some cases negative issues influenced mental force a person to commit a final application suiside.This negative Madrigal artists refuse shastha.Most to this social crime.Effects ... ...Sudden death is suspecious recent health problems effect.Mostly unidentified mysteries uncured chronic physical problems are the main reasonsProceedings ... ...Taking medications poisonal incects toxic plants and cause of death due to physical problemsNegative or imaginary fear motivation threts are suiside menality reason.The main source for the purpose of seivinai and vasiyam is fear. Creating folders in the subconscious mental temperery with cotions imaginary threats or warnings Fearfull thoughts are recorded in the cortex. If fear and thoughts are eliminated imaginory Temperary most cases the effects can be cured.
Finally, all the problems and VASIYAM SEIVINAI biological and psychological facts. EC can be cured RESOLVED BY THE MOTIVATION OF SUB PRO conscious mind throuh containing HYPNO THERAPY.

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The Divine Art Of God

The divine art from gods own country .known as malayala manthirigam...

All problems are solved with divine healing power of kerala mantrikam
family problems
enemy problems
health related issues
pancha pakshi sastram
evil spirits and ill effects problem
husband and wife problems .
reversing witchcraft related issues .
getting things to be done in favour
Arabic and african methods


Mantrikan and Tantri

Lakshmi Bhavanam
Kalpetta main road
Vaduvanchal ..
Wayanad -kerala


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